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LEGO®-Based Social Skills Groups

Lego guyThe question we often get asked is, “How do I get my child to attend a social group?” Like all children, individuals with ASD want to attend a group activity that is in line with their interests and hobbies. Many children on the autism spectrum are naturally attracted to Lego® as it is a highly structured, predictable, and systematic toy which is an excellent fit for their interests and preferences. When involved in activities of common interest with other peers, children are more likely to build relationships and be motivated to learn.

Therefore, why not develop a social skills groups that is intrinsically motivating and thus the participants are eager to attend, participate, and meet other kids just like them. It was under this notion that neuropsychologist, Dr. Dan LeGoff, created Lego®-Based Therapy.

 Lego®-Based Therapy, or Lego®-Club as it called by group members, is an evidenced based treatment where children develop skills through collaboration on group projects through the use of Lego®. Group members collaborate on building sets, free style projects, and creating and producing short stop-action films.

Adult facilitators provide feedback and coaching in real-time targeting skill development in the areas of cooperation, problem solving, reciprocal conversation, joint-attention, and flexibility leading to increased maintenance and generalization of skills to other settings. Most importantly, Lego®-Club becomes a place where children identify with a peer group, build friendships beyond the confines of the club, and find a place where their peers and adult coaches understand, encourage, and celebrate their talents.

More information about Lego®-Club:

  • Groups will be overseen by clinical psychologist, Dr. Brittany Lyman, who trained and worked with Dr. Dan LeGoff  for three years.
  •  Each groups will be co-facilitated by adult coaches
  • For children ages – 5 to 18
  • Groups formed based on the child’s communication skills, age, and treatment goals.
  • 8 week sessions

Lego®-Club Social Story