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Sexuality Education

Adolescents and young adults with ASD often feel confused and overwhelmed by the topic of sexuality and intimate relationships. Many are embarrassed that they to not have the sexual sophistication of their peers and are hesitant to express sexual curiosity with their parents. As a result, they may turn to the internet or other sources for information with negative results.

 Dr. Isabelle Hénault autism expert, has written about the challenges of ASD individuals and created a sexuality curriculum specifically to address their needs. This group will utilize Dr. Hènault’s curriculum to focus on enhancing group members’ knowledge and competency regarding healthy relationships and sexuality. Topics such as bodily changes, gender identity, sexual orientation, personal hygiene, private and public spaces, dating, healthy relationships & friendships and healthy sexuality.

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  • Groups will be co-facilitated by Dr. Mary Cohen and Bryan Peightal, MS

  • Group for varying ages including early teens (ages 13-15), late teens (ages 16-18), and young adults (19-25)

  • Group size will be no larger than 6