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Parent Education Group

Navigating the ASD Journey

A common question and fear for many parents and caregivers we work with following an initial diagnosis is: What do I do next? Parents often leave appointments  feeling unheard, confused, and with many unanswered questions all while trying to cope with this life-changing diagnosis. This can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and decreased quality of life for the family as a whole. Therefore, psychoeducation including reliable information, proven treatment options and resources, recommendations, and support following a child's diagnosis are critical factors in helping the child obtain his or her highest level of social, behavioral, and communicative functioning over time.

This four week educational series, Navigating the ASD Journey, is for parents of children newly diagnosed with ASD or those families with existing diagnoses seeking the latest information and recommendations.

The objectives of this program include:

  • Increasing parental knowledge about ASD diagnosis, symptoms, etiology, prevalence, and other co-occurring conditions.
  • Helping parents become better consumers of treatment including learning about standards for best practices for the treatment of ASD.
  • Providing parents with strategies to manage personal and family stress associated with receiving a ASD diagnosis and providing ongoing care for a child with ASD.
  • Identifying and accessing appropriate resources in the educational and community settings.
  • Providing opportunities for social and networking to build social support among parents and caregivers of individuals with ASD.

More information about Navigating the ASD Journey:

  • Groups will be overseen by clinical psychologist, Dr. Brittany Lyman
  • For parents and caregivers of children diagnosed with ASD
  • 2 hour weekly sessions
  • 4 week sessions - $500